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Nursery Plants Showroom, Stocks & Deals for Business Teams in 10 Indian Languages.

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India's Top Nurseries are already creating their Network Showrooms!

Come display your ready stock photos in your own showroom and Directly Buy and Sell at 0% Commission on India’s No. 1 smartphone Network for plant nurseries!

Nursery Ke Partner


We both are keen gardeners since our childhood and have been colleagues & friends since 1988. Between us we have more than 60 years of business building experience after graduating from IIT & IIM.

In 2016, we founded GO-BIO with IFFCO as a strategic investor to organize and grow India's plants nursery and urban greenery sector using Smartphone technology.

Over the last 3 years we have partnered nurseries and understood your daily realities and pain points in buying and selling nursery plants as a large or small nursery, plant trader, landscaping and gardening contractor, large buyer or architect.

To enable you and your low-literacy team to directly and easily buy and sell nursery plants on your Smartphones, we have designed and field-tested our pioneering mobile technology that speaks to users - from Botany Ph.Ds to illiterates - in their language.

We hope easyPLANT™ delights you and your hard-working nursery team with its pioneering ease and simplicity. We hope it solves the daily pain points of nursery business for you and helps you quickly grow your nursery business. Please do tell us your experiences on the Network and share ideas on how to make buying and selling nursery plants even more easy.

-Asim & Sudhir


Our pioneering No-typing Easy-to-use technology helps solve your daily nursery problems on Smartphones*

easyPLANT™ enables you to easily market, sell & buy nursery plants, maintain stock position and deliver great service to your buyers. Harness the power of your low-literacy field team to work together with you in their own 10 Bhasha for growing your business.

Learn from our short feature videos how easyPLANT™ can partner you to grow your nursery plants business.

* Android version 6.0 or higher

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